Müller Competition Featherlite™ Chokes

With superior pellet distribution from the core to the outer fringe, shooters benefit from a larger margin of error than ever before. This translates to more X's on score cards for competitors.

  • Lightweight, Durable Aerospace/Ballistic Aluminium Infused with a Proprietary Ceramic.
  • Superior Wear Resistance and Surface Hardness. “Exceeds that of a high–speed steel drill bit".
  • Ease of cleaning: Extremely High Lubricity Factor that does not allow plastic–wad or powder residue to build up. It’s simply the cleanest choke tube there is.
  • No Choke Wrench Required. They stay secure in the muzzle with only finger tightening.
  • Consistently Produce Extremely Even Pellet Distribution, Shot after Shot
  • Dissipates Heat Rapidly, They Never Get Hot
  • Designed to Provide the most Efficient, Consistent and Optimum Patterns for your gun designed around the barrel bore diameter.

Because Müller choke tubes produce optimal pellet patterns, one Müller Choke Tube does the job of two "traditional" tubes. Below is a comparison of how Müller Chokes perform against traditional choke tube constrictions:

Ü0= Cylinder/Skeet

Ü1 = Skeet/Improved Cylinder (I.C.)

Ü2 = Light Mod./Mod

Ü3 = Mod./Improved Modified (I.Mod)

Ü4 = Full/Extra Full

Other Müller Choke Tube features include: 8 finger-grooves for quick and easy choke changes—no more choke wrenches. Guaranteed to be non-corrosive and non-fouling. Carbon and plastic wad build-up are things of the past—use your time to clean your gun, not your choke tubes. Check out the FAQ page on the Muller Chokes Website.