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Benelli Crio + (Crio Plus) Waterfowl

Muller Waterfowl Chokes have been field tested by avid outdoorsmen from Saskatchewan to regions of Patagonia. The results speak for themselves.

Muller™ Waterfowl Chokes will out pattern any other choke using ITX, Hevi-shot, Tungsten, Tungsten matrix, Bismuth, tungsten Iron, Flight stopper, Federal Black Cloud, Winchester Blind side and all brands, shot sizes and velocities of Steel.

Other Muller Waterfowl Choke Tube features include proprietary matte-black exterior finish and 8 finger-grooves for quick and easy choke changes—no more choke wrenches.

If you are unsure about which choke is right for your gun, please email us for assistance. Please note that it is the buyer's responsibility to know which choke their gun takes and if there has been any after-market work done on their barrel.

The Crio + choke is designed for the following shotguns: Super Black Eagle II, Super Vinci, Vinci, M2 Field Shotgun*

*This information is a guide only.

Constriction Guide:

DECOY: Up to #3 shot inside 30 yards, larger shot to 45 yards.

PASSING: Up to #3 shot inside 45 yards, larger shot to 50 yards.

UFO: Use Hevi-Shot up to #2 for kills beyond the OUTER LIMITS

All Chokes are shipped in a protective plastic tube. A Negrini compact choke case that fits 5 Muller extended chokes is also available. Click here to purchase