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MacWet Gloves - Short Cuff Climatec

MacWet gloves are the 'all grip, no slip' technologically advanced gloves which have become a global sensation! Their promise of unrivalled grip in all weather conditions means that they perform just as superbly when wet as when dry.

The only glove of their kind, MacWet's quality products are currently being used in 35 varied sports which require the unparalleled grip of gloves in all manner of weather conditions. MacWet Gloves are so versatile they can be used for practically any sport or activity where grip and sensitivity are required. From Equestrian, Golf, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling, Watersports right through to Archery, Quad Biking, Racing and Dog Walking, MacWet gloves will ensure you don't lose your grip in any activity.

The short cuff glove finishes at the wrist and fastens easily along the back of the hand using a durable Velcro strap. The ideal glove for any sporting activity where a good grip enhances performance.

  • MacWet gloves offer unrivalled touch and feel, you won't even realise you're wearing them.
  • Provides amazing grip in wet, dry, and humid conditions.
  • Extremely durable and machine washable

SIZING: Glove sizing is based off the width of your palm (in centimetres) EXAMPLE: 8cm palm width is equal to size 8 MacWet Gloves. See sizing chart for details.

MacWet gloves are also able to be used on your touchscreen smartphones, tablets and cameras.