Recreational Stereo Headset $225 Call us for

Recreational Stereo Headset $225 Call us for

Recreational Stereo Wires

Widely used by motorcycle riders & recreational users to listen to your favorite tunes or to get clear directions from your GPS or intercom system.


Featuring musician quality Sonion balanced armatures that give crystal clear sound with good base response that is piped into your ears through strong coiled acoustic tubing which prevents damage to the wiring and the speakers themselves. If you suffer from wax build up in your ears or you’re just plane rough on things then this is the music set for you. The plugs and tubing can be removed from the electronics and washed in warm water easily removing wax and dirt or simply blowing air through the coiled tube to release any blockages. If you damage the Earmolds you can replace the Earmolds, if you damage the coiled tube you can replace the coiled tube, if you damage a speaker, harness or jack then they can be replaced too.

Connect directly to your music device, Smart phone, GPS, Sena Bluetooth Intercom units & just about any item that takes a standard 3.5mm connector.

Our custom made Earmolds are personally custom made to your own ears for superior comfort so you can wear them for long periods of time, the Earmolds will reduce the wind and background noise so you don't need to have your music up loud. The earplugs themselves are made to and comply with the Australian standards and are a class 5 hearing protector, no other plug on the market can offer that sort of protection while incorporating a quality audio system.

Please Sheryl on 0274 200620 to make an appointment for assistance with our range of Insta-Mold ear plugs

Note: This product is produced for the enjoyment of listening to audio/communication devices. But please remain aware of the dangers of listening to these devices at a loud volume level (85dB+). OHSA regulations state a volume of 80-85dB is safe for an eight hour period of time. If you are concerned about your hearing, please consult a hearing specialist who can advise you about your safety levels with your audio device