CT25 Standard Trapmaster 240VAC
CT25 Standard Trapmaster 240VAC


CT25 Standard Trapmaster 240VAC

Standard features

  • Throws single and double targets
  • Change from single to doubles in seconds
  • 600 capacity target hopper
  • Wall mounted control system with sleep mode and target counter
  • Targets thrown from a Western 1524 arm
  • Gentle target delivery system via elevator
  • Accurate target placement and presentation
  • Oscillation 34 and 44 deg with unreadable interrupt and sleep mode
  • Instantaneous  solenoid release system
  • Manual pull cord 33M
  • Fully compatible with all Canterbury Voice Release products
  • 2 second cycle time
  • Remote safety
  • Simple distance, height and Windage adjustments
  • Windage adjustment as standard
  • Available in 240V and 110V options
  • 34 inches high / 870mm
  • CT45  Continental / Wobble option
  • All steel construction, zinc plated for corrosion protection and powder coated.