Pilla Lens Filtrations


This lens has rich natural color enhancement while cutting glare with “Super Flash” - a new high performance coating on the exterior of the mask for glare reduction in full Sun. The curve is very balanced and sits squarely between the 10ED and the 26ED. This is a high sun lens with accelerated performance features.

green-full-sun_900x.jpg Before
PG-after_900x.jpg After


A very bright medium lighting condition lens based off a spectral blend of our popular 60HCP and 62HCW lens science. Pop target orange with increased depth of field using Pilla Progressive lenstechnology.


Green_Grass_Blue_Skies.jpg Before
PDF-after_900x.jpg After

Progressive Plum (PP)

The newest introduction of Pilla ZEISS Progressive lens science is our Plum filtration. This is a modified cross between the 50RHC and 69MWN. This special Progressive lens has our Max Neutralizer in the lens and offers the shooter an extremely crisp target registration in medium to diminishing ambient light. The ZEISS lens science creates a situation where the eye has additional light being presented to the iris. This provides a super rich resolution and enhanced depth of field. 

wheat_field_2_orange_clays.jpg Before
PP_after.jpg After

Progressive Lime (PLM)

This lens has rich color lift while maintaining maximum depth of field in low light. The Lime lens is very balanced for low light where you do not need a perceptive enhancement of light. The top of the lens starts at 75% transmittance while the bottom has a 99% transmittance.

low_light_field.jpg Before
PLM_After.jpg After

Progressive Enhanced Definition (PED)

This lens offers consistent enhancement of the color spectrum while the bottom accelerates the perceptive value of light. The top of the lens has a transmittance of 22% with the bottom having a transmittance of 78%.

full_sun_field.jpg Before
PED_After.jpg After

Progressive Max (PM)

Max Orange Filtration Technology accelerates the registration of target Orange through out the transmittance curve from top to bottom: 30% at the top while the bottom of the lens provides up to 70%.

full_sun_desert.jpg Before
progressive_max_after.jpg After

Progressive Neutralizer (PN)

The lens on top reflects a 20% transmittance while the bottom reflects a transmittance of 68%. Fantastic for green backgrounds.

full_sun_green_trees.jpg Before
PN_After.jpg After

Progressive Lemon (PL)

The top of the lens uses a high-intensity lemon filtration and the bottom allows for a splash of light into the eye for enhanced depth of field in low light. The top of the lens has a 70% transmittance while the bottom has a 95% transmittance. 

low_light_woods.jpg Before
Lemon_Progressive.jpg After


The 10ED is a must have for bright-light conditions. This lens science uses the Enhanced Definition profile to produce rich color reproduction. This lens is designed to relax the eye in bright-light conditions.

direct_sun_open_field.jpg Before
10ED_After.jpg After


This lens has rich natural color enhancement while cutting glare with “Super Flash” - a new high performance coating on the exterior of the mask for glare reduction in full Sun. The curve is very balanced and sits squarely between the 10ED and the 26ED. This is a high sun lens with accelerated performance features.

direct-sun-field_900x.jpg Before
18CED_After.jpg After



18RHC - This lens technology uses a modified 50RHC curve to balance an orange spike and suppression of green in bright grey and white-light conditions. The lens incorporates Pilla ZEISS ChromaShift and background-neutralizer technology which works extremely well on Pink targets as well.

direct-sun-open-field-BEFORE_900x.png Before
18RHC_After.jpg After


A serious background neutralizer. The lens has an elevated spike in target orange and pink. Our “N” technology is designed to kill the green and spike the eye’s recognition of the target while maintaining perfect depth of field.

direct_sun_green_trees_900x.jpg Before
direct_sun_green_trees_22N_900x.jpg After


Enhanced Definition lenses produce perfect color balance while enhancing the entire color spectrum for vibrant target resolution. The 26ED is a high light lens with true representation of the target color values. A very vivid bright light lens.

full_sun_desert_900x.jpg Before
full_sun_desert_26ED_900x.jpg After


The latest MAX ORANGE technology using Pilla ZEISS ChromaShiff. A 600% boost in target orange. For the shooter looking for a light bulb effect on orange targets. The lens boosts while enhancing contrast with our new Bronze Filter.

full_sun_desert.jpg Before
full_sun_desert_32MXB_900x.jpg After


Medium lighting background neutralizer. The 44N literally separates the target from a green background but maintains depth of field while enhancing the target color.

medium_light_green_trees_900x.jpg Before
GREEN_TREES_44N_900x.jpg After


Medium Lighting Max Orange lens engineered to accelerate the resolution of Orange and Pink 600% while enhancing contrast of the target edges. Very vibrant yet relaxing to the eye. Great registration of a black rimmed target and the under belly of a target.

medium_light_desert_3ad41e59-731f-48ef-a713-cf5769097b7f_900x.jpg Before
medium_light_desert_45MAX_900x.jpg After


“Red - Chromashift High Contrast” -  This is a red based lens harnessing Chromashift that elevates more contrast across the color spectrum. This lens is a super medium light option. With more red we have enhanced the original spectral curve of the best selling Ballistx lens in the history of Pilla – the 50R. This new introduction has Chromashift elevating more color with rich definition in the sight picture.

Green_Grass_Blue_Skies.jpg Before
52chc-field-after_900x.jpg After


(MEDIUM LIGHT) The 55PWC uses both our Max Orange Technology and Chromashift. The Peach color curve accelerates both Pink and Orange targets and even lime green. The lens pushes elements of the visual spectrum to produce rich color saturation for maximum detail while shifting the registration of the target color. This is a must have for the clay-target shooter.

medium_light_desert_3ad41e59-731f-48ef-a713-cf5769097b7f_900x.jpg Before
55pwc_after.jpg After


Juice target orange.  A Persimmon lens for medium to diminishing light conditions with high contrast technology. This lens increases the saturation of color illumination while crunching the edges of the target. An extremely bright lens that wakes up the eye.

gray_flat_field_76HC_900x.jpg Before
gray_flat_field_60HCP_900x.jpg After


a background neutralizer to kill the green background and pop the target in diminishing lighting condition and low light. This special lens uses the same filtration technical curve as the 22N and the 44N but allows a higher level of transmittance. A modified curve to allow a high level of light while still providing the shooter with enough PILLA ZEISS filtration technology to enhance the target color.

gray_flat_green_trees_900x.jpg Before
gray_flat_green_trees_66N_900x.jpg After


The 70PWC is a new low light formulation utilizing Chromashift for a handsome bump in target orange and pink at low light levels. This “Light Peach” is a natural reproduction of the color spectrum in low light with all wavelengths lifted and orange/pink spiked.

70pwc-before_900x.jpg Before
70pwc-after_900x.jpg After


a “must have” lens for any shooter shooting in low light. This is a high contrast lens that Pilla and ZEISS have engineered to light up the sight picture without loosing definition or depth of field in low light. This lens is fantastic in a fog or deep in the woods. target of completely black target being thrown.

gray_flat_open_field_4f6dea9e-832e-4d58-93f7-8320055ac08d_900x.jpg Before
gray_flat_field_76HC_900x.jpg After


This is a full sun Polarized Mask. This polarizer lets in 9.5% of the available light and the color filtration is extremely vivid. This lens is a lens that can be worn all day long and is very easy on the eyes.

medium_light_desert_3ad41e59-731f-48ef-a713-cf5769097b7f_900x.jpg Before
medium_light_desert_after_9.5ED.jpg After


This is a medium light polar filter. This higher transmittance lens is a excellent field lens providing vivid color saturation. For a high transmittance filter the efficiency is extremely stout cutting glare and maintaining detail.

medium_light_desert_3ad41e59-731f-48ef-a713-cf5769097b7f_900x.jpg Before
medium_light_desert_28ED_900x.jpg After