Buying or receiving non-prohibited firearms or other items by mail order or through the internet
Use this form if you are buying or receiving any of the following arms items and the sale cannot be completed in person:

non-prohibited firearms
non-prohibited magazines
non-prohibited parts

Step 1: Print, complete and sign the form 

Mail order or internet sales of arms items or ammunition form (FRM43A)
When you are filling this form out call us so we can assist you to fill our part in.

Step 2: Deliver the form to your nearest Police station

Find your local Police station

Step 3: The form will be sent to the seller. 

If you meet the requirements, Te Tari Pūreke will notify you and email or mail the form directly to us at Craftsman Sports.

Step 4: Provide information for the Firearms Registry

If you buy or receive an arms item, you must call the NZ Police to confirm you have received the arms item as soon as is practicable, but within 30 days, on 0800 844 431 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

How to transfer possession in the Registry