BRB TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter
BRB TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter

BRB TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter

Built to professional use standards, but priced for the individual shooter. It is in a class of its own.

This feature packed wireless button release, offers incredible versatility for the ground owner and shooter.


Use as a manual buttton controller or voice operated release with an optional lapel microphone
Controls 1-4 traps with 16 user selectable modes and button layout options allow use in Trap, Sporting, Super Sporting, Quad Sporting, Skeet etc.


128 channels, using a different frequency at each shooting stand, means no interference between neighboring fields.


Exceptional 500 yard range.


Ultra fast release time. No perceivable delay


A heavy duty rubber boot protects the tough ABS enclosure + stainless steel water/vandal resistant push buttons


Auto wake and shut down, coupled with 4AA batteries make for the longest battery life available. 1,000,000 button releases.


Internal microphone for user selectable report release
Instant true pairs.
Variable timed following pairs.
Voice Release ‘REPEAT’ feature. No need to arm each shot.
Skeet – American & International delay modes.
Available with a full size microphone and stand for Voice Release use.
Voice Release SEQUENCE feature. The user programs the skeet sequence:
“PULL”-Release trap1-BANG “PULL”-Release trap2-BANG