BRB TX-10B Multifunction Controller

BRB TX-10B Multifunction Controller

TX-10B Multifunction Controller

Simple to use and loaded with features:

▪ FLEXIBILITY- 5-Stand, FITASC, COMPAK, Super Sporting or any game that requires multiple traps.
User selectable modes control 1-16 traps.
Release Singles, True Pairs, auto Report Pairs.
Simultaneously release up to 10 targets.
Fully functional Flush/Flurry mode with adjustable speed, number of traps, targets and shooters. Repeat an entire round or insert extra targets as required.
Manual or Voice operation. Supplied with a lapel mic.

Optional full sized mic. and stand available.
For use with or without BRB counter systems.

▪ USABILITY- 10 real push buttons for the most reactive control.
Display LED’s indicate target selections and pending target sequences.
Selectable sounds enhance easy operation.

▪ SPEED- Ultra fast release time. No perceivable delay.

▪ COMMUNICATION- No cross field interference. 128 different frequency channels.
Superb range with our new RX-201 receiver.

▪ POWER- No power button - Auto wake and shut down.
More battery power - 4 x AA’s for increased life.

▪ QUALITY- IP67 rated push buttons tested over 1,000,000 operations.
Protected with a sturdy rubber casing.