BRB Wireless Trap Voice Release (Single)
BRB Wireless Trap Voice Release (Single)

BRB Wireless Trap Voice Release (Single)

BRB’s Wireless Trap equipment builds on proven advanced digital technology by offering operational simplicity and rugged dependability, at an affordable price. This single station unit provides simple shooting for the loan shooter or groups taking turns.

Wireless Trap Voice Release System

Easy to use in competition by a large club or for practice by a solo shooter


1 x WT-101 Voice Box
1 x Wireless Button Controller
1 x RX-101 Receiver
1 x Microphone
1 x Stand & Plate


Rechargeable Voice Box stand units with battery charge level indicator.  500 round (62500 target) capacity between charges
Wireless Button controller. Up to 1,000,000+ button operations per set of batteries
12Vdc or 240Vac receivers, No need for a separate wall transformer


4096 individual identities spread over 128 channels. A different frequency at each stand means no cross field interference.


Next generation background noise rejection with echo and gunshot suppression


Manual or voice operated release
Open/Close microphones + Manual trap release buttons


Heavy duty powder coated stands, with a lower centre of gravity to avoid blow over damage
Stainless steel water/vandal resistant push buttons (No low quality plastic budget buttons, here)
Tough rubber boot protection for the Wireless Button Controller


Wireless Voice Release Counter available to fit seamlessly with this product