CT60 Crusader DTL

CT60 Crusader DTL

This trap can throw DTL and Minis with the addition of a Minis Hopper.

For Minis you need a Minis Hopper change out which is extra.

Standard features

  • 300 capacity target hopper
  • Wall mounted control system with sleep mode and target counter
  • Oscillation 34 / 44 deg with unreadable interrupt and sleep mode
  • Double knife target splitter
  • Gentle target delivery system
  • Consistent target placement and presentation
  • Throwing distance up to 100M
  • Instantaneous  solenoid release system
  • Manual pull cord 33M
  • Fully compatible with all Canterbury Voice Release products
  • 2 Second cycle time
  • Remote safety
  • Simple distance, height, and windage adjustments
  • Windage adjustment as standard
  • Available in 240V and 110V options
  • 38 inches high / 970mm
  • All steel construction, zinc plated for corrosion protection and powder coated
  • Optional mini hopper available to suit 75mm Dia targets

Windage adjustment is standard on all Crusader traps. This enables the target to be leveled in the sky, and reduce target curl due to crosswinds.
Distance and height are also easily adjusted.

The Crusader Control systems is easy to use and features a LCD displaying the target count and machine cycles.
A remote safety pendent with isolation switch and manual target release is also a feature on all Canterbury Traps.