CVR Wireless DTL system - complete
CVR Wireless DTL system - complete

CVR Wireless DTL system - complete

WIRELESS DTL SET COMPLETE Wireless includes; PSU, 5 x Mic Pod, 5 x Microphone, 5 x stand, Referees Pod, Trap (base) pod.

This is the latest unit to be developed by Canterbury as a direct result of shooters/club managers' requests. Canterbury has spent nearly 2.5 years in development to get this unit to perform to the same level as the wired system. It now works perfectly and in some respects it 'out performs' the wired unit.

This unit features 5 microphones, each of which is linked by a short cable to its own transceiver. The transceiver clamps to the microphone stand.

Microphone, stand & base are the same components as the wired unit.

The trap house has a 'base station' transceiver which is powered from the standard Canterbury relay unit (as used in the wired system) and this links it to the trap machine. Depending on the material used in the trap house, this transceiver may be located either inside or outside the house. A polycarbonate cover is provided to afix and protect this unit.

The referee/scorer also has a wireless transceiver which operates in the same manner as the old wired trigger. This allows the trap house transceiver to be switched on or off - so disabling the microphones - a target can be manually released and it has a visible light that blinks off when the trap is activated.


No cables across shooting lanes
Easier to operate handicap events
Fewer connecting points, so less likelihood of maintenance issues
Easier to use in winter temperatures where cables are not effective

Batteries are AA (4) in each of the microphone and ref's units and it is anticipated that a club should get around 200 hours use out of one set of batteries. The trap unit is powered by 12v from the relay box connected to a 230v/110v outlet.