Laser Rangefinder LM600
Laser Rangefinder LM600
Laser Rangefinder LM600
Laser Rangefinder LM600
Laser Rangefinder LM600
Laser Rangefinder LM600


Laser Rangefinder LM600

UNI-T Laser Rangefinder LM600  Laser Range Finder 7X Optical Zoom Telescope Distance Meter Altitude Angle and Speed.

UNI-T’s new LM series laser rangefinders enable accurate measurement of height, distance, and angle. The new speed measurement function adopts low power pulsed laser that is safe for the eyes. The new and improved LM series laser rangefinders are perfect tools for a wide variety of applications such as engineering surveying, power line inspection, building construction, navigation, golf, and hunting.


Product description:
1. LM series ranging telescope, UNI-T  first built-in lithium-powered, drop-in lithium battery long standby time, the use of long cycle, high security Integrated telescope

2. Metering range and angle measurement function, measurement accuracy of plus or minus 1Y, silent operation

3. The automatic power-off system that uses pulsed laser, emitting low-power, eye-safe, diopter adjustment function, waterproof and dustproof grade 2.

4. The high-grade grain drying durable easy to wear long service life, surface appearance and upscale. Plating high definition HD lens

5. High performance optics produce high-definition images in soft conditions can also see a clear image

6.6 optical observation system, advanced laser technology to measure more accurate, sophisticated technology, instant accurate measurement, error of plus or minus up to 1m.

7. Widely used: hunting, forestry mapping nautical power industry to explore the ruins of golf course construction in the field of outdoor exploration survey of animal investigation.

1. 7X optical  zoom telescope
2. HD coating
3. Skid proof
4. Built-in Li-ion battery
5. Distance: 4-600m (5-1500yd)
6. Height: 0-250m (0-600yd)
7. Speed: 0~300km/h (0~186mph)
8. Angle: ±45℃